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Health Benefits Of Having A Carpet Cleaning

Health Benefits Of Having A Carpet Cleaning

Are you interested to know what are the health benefits of carpet cleaning? Whether you have a home with a carpet cover or you run a business covered with a carpet, it’s important to know the importance of keeping carpet clean. Carpet cleaning can not only improve your health but also boost the appearance of your home. Periodic cleaning either by hiring a professional or doing it on your own can significantly make a difference in your family’s health.

Carpet cleaning removes trapped pollutants

According to research done by the Environmental Protection Agency, dirty carpets can retain several sources of cockroach allergens, particle pollution, gas, dander, and dust. This might make toxic airborne gases adhere to them and get caught up in the fabric.

These toxic gases can be released by walking across the carpet or daily activities such as vacuuming which can make them greatly contaminate the air in your home. Professional carpet cleaning services will not only kill the bacteria but also remove those trapped pollutants that can affect your health.

Regularly cleaning the carpets prevents mold

If you are not careful, the mold which is a common allergen can wreak havoc in your house. When dirt and debris get stuck inside the carpet it means there will be instant mold growth if moisture or spills are not completely and directly dried. By removing these build-ups, you will decrease the chances of falling ill. Thanks to the cleaning agents employed and high-powered cleaning tools carpet cleaning can eliminate the instances of mold.

This will seriously lower your risk of asthma, mold-induced allergens, and other respiratory ailments. Mold has even been linked to developmental and learning problems and hence can affect children’s learning process.

Cleaning the carpet prevents the infestation of dust mites

Due to their size, these microscopic nasty critters are very hard to see. The sad thing is that they can affect your health. Although they do not cause allergies they leave desiccated body parts and feces which we can easily kick into the air during our daily activities.

Boost your mental health

Having a clean carpet is not only good for your body but your mind as well. Let’s be honest most people usually get stressed when they get into their home only to realize that their carpet is full of dust particles. This stress alone can greatly affect your mental health.

If your carpet and house are not clean it will affect you throughout the day since you cannot relax while knowing that it’s dirty. The worst feeling is when you are expecting visitors and you know very well that your carpet is dirty. Instead of living your life with a lot of stress, boost your mental well-being by cleaning your carpet regularly.

Moreover cleaning your carpet regularly will greatly improve your sleep. Normally, our breathing changes when we are sleeping by decreasing and becoming steadier. Just like when you are awake, the air is also important when you are asleep. Remember, you will be spending 6 to 8 hours in the room sleeping. It’s, therefore important to ensure that the room is completely clean.

Easy carpet cleaning tips

Keeping your carpet clean should not be a hassle. If you are looking to clean your carpet then these tips should help you:

  • Pay more attention to carpet areas where dirt accumulates, such as along the walls and at all entrance points.

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly- Remember that vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep the carpet clean even when it appears otherwise. You should vacuum at least once a week and every time you will be removing most

  • Instead of rubbing the stains blot them.

  • Use club soda to clean your carpet.

  • Do carpet spot cleaning as soon as you see the stain

  • Try using shaving cream to clean the stains.

  • Freeze any dried gum.

  • Use dishwasher detergent to wash the carpet.

  • Vacuum and deep clean your carpet regularly

  • To remove odor use mix equal parts of warm water and vinegar.

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