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Posted 09/19/2022 by Denture World

What is a Flipper Denture?

What is a Flipper Denture?

Losing teeth is never a pleasant experience for anyone. Not only does it create difficulty in eating, but it also enables you to withhold your smile with gaps. Fortunately, New denture in Oxford offers numerous options, including flipper denture, front teeth denture, single tooth flipper, partial dentures, and many others. Alternatively, your missing tooth will become permanent depending on age and other dental conditions. 

The dentures ease the patient's work, like speaking clearly, eating comfortably, smiling, and improving oral health. However, a flipper tooth is one of the most invasive methods and is also known as a removable partial denture. 

If you are unfamiliar with the flipper denture concept, keep reading this blog. Below we cover everything about the flipper tooth and how it benefits you. 

What is Flipper Denture?

A flipper tooth is a removable acrylic partial denture that people select as a temporary option. But, some people decide to use them for long – term basis. The tooth helps to fill the gap left behind by a lost or extracted tooth. If you recently removed the teeth, it takes time to heal that place for a permanent option. Meanwhile, a flipper tooth can be a good choice for you. 

Sometimes minors can lose their teeth, and their jaw is not growing altogether; then New denture in Windsor suggests they use flipper teeth. The dental flipper is made from a dental acrylic material that looks similar to natural teeth. 

How does Flipper Tooth Work?

The flipper tooth is made using soft dental-grade acrylic resin after making an impression. After taking the impression, it is sent to a lab where the customized flipper is created to fill the gaps and fits in the mouth. When you receive a flipper, you just put it into your mouth, and prosthetic teeth fill the gap left by missing teeth. 

What to Expect After Getting Flipper Dentures?

In the beginning, when you get the flipper denture, you may feel heavy or awkward inside your mouth. But no need to worry, you will get used to it with time. If you feel inconvenience or pressure due to a denture, immediately consult with emergency denture repair in Slough. Pain and pressure is not the usual thing you can use; it indicates that the denture requires adjusting correctly. 

It is recommended to avoid playing with appliances with the tongue and keep them in place. The flipper dentures are also prone to staining, so preventing pigmented food and drinks is good to keep denture colors bright. 

Benefits of Flipper Denture  

In comparison to other dentures, the flipper dentures are pretty beneficial. Like:

  • Need lesser visits to the dentist in comparison to a permanent partial denture.
  • Easy to wear, replace and remove flipper teeth.
  • Easy to fabricate and quickly created by a dentist. It is easy to make as you can get it in two or three days. 
  • Look similar to natural teeth. It fits the gap created by missing teeth and gives your smile back. 
  • Comfortable in eating, chewing, and talking.
  • Flipper's tooth is quite affordable in comparison to other denture alternatives. 

How to Know Flipper Tooth is the Right Option for you?

A flipper tooth is a cost-effective temporary prosthetic tooth replacement solution for you. It creates a similar appearance to a natural smile, even if you have lost one or more teeth in injury. However, the oral surgeon uses it as a stop-gap measure until your gums heal for a permanent solution.  

If you are interested to know more about the flipper tooth, then it is advisable to schedule a free dental consultation with Denture World, which offers various dental restorations that helps you to achieve a fuller, healthy and bright smile. 

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